Our reliance on our responsibly sourced reclaimed woods is the sustainable foundation for our creation of a truly unique, exceptionally functional, and naturally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing doors in all types available..... our unsurpassed efforts proudly offers our EL PORTICIO DOOR.

The growing demand on our door products assures our fundamental commitment in providing unmatched door designs to fit any home or commercial space. EL PORTICIO doors use only the finest reclaimed and recycled hardwoods, crafted by our best craftsmen giving our entire door the highest quality, durability and luxurious finish.

We have more than a hundred of EL PORTICIO door designs to choose from; browse through our website and you are sure to find the perfect piece that are built to last until the next generation.

We also work on specialty requirements; as we custom design and built the door to your specifications. We can work from architectural plans if you already have a design in mind, or help you visualize and design a door from scratch to ensure that it works perfectly for your project.

Ancestral Building Materials offers:


    Buy and Sell of Ancestral Building Materials (Reclaimed Materials)
  • Post and Beams
  • Floor Planks
  • Portal Door
  • Window
  • Staircase
  • Terracotta Products: Brick, Roof Tile and Floor Tile
  • Other Landscape Stones: Adobe, Cobblestone, Piedra China and etc.
  • Antiques
  • Furniture

Demolition and Salvaging of Old Buildings
Architectural Design, Planning and Development (Drafting Service)
Space / Interior Design, Planning and Construction
Specialized Construction Works

  • Carpentry and Woodworks
  • Installation
  • Restoration
  • Renovation
  • Refurbishment
  • Woodwork Reproductions
  • Custom Building
Sawmill and Wood Planing Service
Wooden Floor Installation
Floor Sanding Service
Wood Fired Oven "Pugon" Design and Construction
Termite and Pest Control Treatments

El Porticio Panoramic View